Green light sensations

Green Light Sensations

Starting from the original 8-bit samples of a Fairlight CMI IIx and using the powerful engine of TAL-Sampler a very wide, exciting and playable sound set at your fingertips. All the feelings of the original machine enriched by the powerful engine of the versatile sampler of TOGU Audio Line in a very unique fashion.

490 timbres meticulously programmed, organized in categories and ready to be used in your projects or modified as you want without the need to make complex scripts. Only for 19 euros.


Current version: 1.0.1 (05-03-2017)

Library content


Sunbathing nearby Aldebaran – on the way back home*

*The original song was made by my friend Sebastian Galassi and you can ear it on his Youtube channel.

Having loved his music, I decided to propose a remake of the original song, adding a SOLO section, a Rhodes comping and a synth sequence.


Roland JX-10: synth bass and pads
Roland JP-08: synth lead and fx
Arturia Spark with custom kit: DRUMS
Arturia Solina V: synth strings
Nord Electro 3: Comping Rhodes
Pianoteq: Solo Rhodes
Mininova: synth sequence