Crockett’s theme (GPRMusic electro rmx)

A remix of one of my favourites OST, the Miami Vice soundtrack, by Jan Hammer. An electro version mad with my beloved synthesizers. In details:

1) Roland JX-10 – Synth pad
2) Arturia CMI V – Synth voice
3) Roland JD-XA main theme
4) Roland JD-XI fills and analog EFXs
5) TAL Sampler with “Blue Light Sensations” – Emulator II pluck
6) TAL Sampler with “SamP-330” – VP330 strings
7) Arturia Spark 2 with Spark LE – Drums
8) Roland System-8 (Juno plugout) – Bass sequence
9) Roland System-8 – Synth lead
10) Roland XV-3080 – Distorted guitar
11) Roland XV-3080 – Lead guitar