Crockett’s theme (GPRMusic electro rmx)

A remix of one of my favourites OST, the Miami Vice soundtrack, by Jan Hammer. An electro version mad with my beloved synthesizers. In details:

1) Roland JX-10 – Synth pad
2) Arturia CMI V – Synth voice
3) Roland JD-XA main theme
4) Roland JD-XI fills and analog EFXs
5) TAL Sampler with “Blue Light Sensations” – Emulator II pluck
6) TAL Sampler with “SamP-330” – VP330 strings
7) Arturia Spark 2 with Spark LE – Drums
8) Roland System-8 (Juno plugout) – Bass sequence
9) Roland System-8 – Synth lead
10) Roland XV-3080 – Distorted guitar
11) Roland XV-3080 – Lead guitar

Christmas ’80 disco

A retro style disco funk made using only Korg Gadget for iPad.

Gadgets used:

1) Recife: drums
2) Lexington (ARP Odissey): synth bass, synth sequence, efx
3) Montpellier: synth stab
4) Milpitas: synth bells
5) Berlin: first lead
6) Darwin: second lead and synth strings.

You can download the project on Allihoopa directly from Korg Gadget.

Fastlove – Electro version (feat. Eugene)

An “electro” cover of my favourite George Michael’s songs of all time made with my good friend Eugene (@eugenemusic).

  • Eugene – lead vocals and vocoder
  • Drums – Arturia Spark + external loops
  • Synth bass – Roland System-8 with SH-2 plugout
  • Synth lead – Korg King Korg
  • Synth whistle – Korg King Korg
  • Synth pads – Roland JX-10
  • Synth strings – Korg King Korg
  • Synth sequence – Roland System-8 with Juno 106 plugout
  • Electric Piano – Nord Electro 3
  • Synth EFX and noises – Roland System-8 with SH-101 plugout

Sunbathing nearby Aldebaran – on the way back home*

*The original song was made by my friend Sebastian Galassi and you can ear it on his Youtube channel.

Having loved his music, I decided to propose a remake of the original song, adding a SOLO section, a Rhodes comping and a synth sequence.


Roland JX-10: synth bass and pads
Roland JP-08: synth lead and fx
Arturia Spark with custom kit: DRUMS
Arturia Solina V: synth strings
Nord Electro 3: Comping Rhodes
Pianoteq: Solo Rhodes
Mininova: synth sequence



Holiday Electro Funk

An electro funk quite “eighty” made using the “vacation” equipment (Ableton Live!, Novation Mininova as midi controller) and Spark LE. Instruments used:

1) Spark LE with TR 707 samples – drums
2) Roland SH-101 plugout – synth bass
3) Synapse audio Dune 2 – first synth pluck
4) Solina V – Synth pad and second synth lead
5) NI Monark – First synth lead, second synth pluck
6) PG-8X – Synth brass



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