Runnning ’till the end

A demo song of my library “Synthwave Kit vol.1 for JD-XA”, a collection of sounds inspired to the synthwave/retrowave genere.

The songs has been composed and played using only timbres from the library:

  • KICK:DRMKick2
  • SNARE:DRMKickSnare
  • OPEN HAT: DRMPinkHat
  • SYNTH PAD: PADDark&Soft
  • SYNTH KEY: KEYSawPiano, LDComeBack, KEYTubular
  • SYNTH KEY2: SYNNinjaPluck
  • SYNTH LEADS: KEYTubular, KEYFrlightKey,BRSJuno80Brs,
  • SYNTH EFX: EFXArcadeDrp, EFXLaserGun

Check out the library here.

Like the first time (Kidburn) – GPRMusic remix

This song is a rmx of the original “Like the first time” song by Kidburn.
Check out the original song at this link.

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Kidburn after contacting him via Soundcloud and it was such a fantastic esperience for me!! What a great artist he is!

The voice and the guitar are from Kidburn, the music and the sounds come from my equipment.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Keep out your tears (feat. Paolo Piergentili)

A track born from the collaboration with Paolo Piergentili (@piergap). The original song, only instrumental, was remixed and a vocal track was added. The entire song is inspired to “Interstellar” movie and to the moment the dad has to leave his daughter and tell her he’s to go to save our world. 


Neon running

A simple retrowave track made using Korg Gadget and Cubasis 2 on my iPad pro. The project is available on Gadgetcloud.

Crockett’s theme (GPRMusic electro rmx)

A remix of one of my favourites OST, the Miami Vice soundtrack, by Jan Hammer. An electro version mad with my beloved synthesizers. In details:

1) Roland JX-10 – Synth pad
2) Arturia CMI V – Synth voice
3) Roland JD-XA main theme
4) Roland JD-XI fills and analog EFXs
5) TAL Sampler with “Blue Light Sensations” – Emulator II pluck
6) TAL Sampler with “SamP-330” – VP330 strings
7) Arturia Spark 2 with Spark LE – Drums
8) Roland System-8 (Juno plugout) – Bass sequence
9) Roland System-8 – Synth lead
10) Roland XV-3080 – Distorted guitar
11) Roland XV-3080 – Lead guitar

Christmas ’80 disco

A retro style disco funk made using only Korg Gadget for iPad.

Gadgets used:

1) Recife: drums
2) Lexington (ARP Odissey): synth bass, synth sequence, efx
3) Montpellier: synth stab
4) Milpitas: synth bells
5) Berlin: first lead
6) Darwin: second lead and synth strings.

You can download the project on Allihoopa directly from Korg Gadget.