Yamaha Montage-7

The flagship workstation from Yamaha. Check it’s features on this website.

Roland Super JX-10

The last analog polyphonic synthesizer from Roland. An authentic giant beast. For more informations check here.

Also give a look at Super JX website, with a lot of resources, patches and tools.

Roland JD-XA

The flagship crossover synthesizer from Roland. To know about this synthesizer and download a lot of sounds, visit the related page on Roland website.

Roland System-8

The System-8 is the flagship of the plug-out synthesizers serie made by Roland. Warm and punchy is an authentic beast, giving the musician a lot of versatility and fun.

Dave Smith Mopho X4

The Mopho X4 is a compact analog poly synth made by Dave Smith. Used mostly for basses, sequences and leads. Visit the related page on the Dave Smith website to gather more informations and download sounds.

Apple iPad PRO 12.9 

iPad4Full The iPad is just one of the most powerful tool to make music. The one used for the project is a white 32GB  iPad Pro 12.9, with a lot of professional software synthesizers loaded on it.

Roli Seaboard Block

The ROLI Seaboard Block is one of the most famous MPE compliant midi controllers. A lot of fun!

Roland XV-3080 expanded

The Roland XV-3080 is a classic workhorse. It’s expanded with the SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth board and is used in conjunction with the Nord Electro 3 to have rich layered timbres.

Steinberg Cubase pro 10.5

Ableton Live!

AbletonFull The famous DAW from Ableton, created specially for live environments. It’s used to produce live jams.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

ScarlettFull The main audio interface of the setup. Visit the product page on the Focusrite website.

Novation Launchpad Mini and Launch Control XL

LaunchpadMiniFullnovation-launchcontrolxl-1 The Ableton Live! control surfaces by Novation. Used for live loops and for composing. Visit the product pages on the Novation website for further informations.