Blue light sensations

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A library for TAL-Sampler dedicated to the vintage samplers Emulator-II and EMAX.


After “Green Light Sensations” dedicated to the Fairlight CMI IIx, another sample library dedicated to two of the most wide used samplers in the World, the Emulator II and the EMAX.  Again, using the powerful engine of TAL-Sampler a huge, exciting and playable sound set at your fingertips. All the feelings of the original machines enriched by the powerful engine of the versatile sampler of TOGU Audio Line in a very unique fashion. If “Green Light Sensation” is big, this is huge: 1867 timbres meticulously programmed, organized in categories and ready to be used in your projects or modified as you want without the need to make complex scripts.

Only for 29 euros.

If you already bought “Green Light Sensations” you can have a discount: only 21 euros. To prove you already bought “Green Light Sensations” please send me an e-mail with the details of the Paypal transaction.

To let you download the library more efficiently, due to its size it has been compressed in a multi volume 7-ZIP archive. Download 7-ZIP to uncompress the files, once downloaded.

Enjoy and stay tuned for updates.

Patch list.

Current version: 1.0.0

Demo “A deep blue light in the storm”


Demo Emulator II



1 review for Blue light sensations

  1. Maurizio

    As a owner of different Emu stuff (Emax, ESI, E4XT) I can say that Blue light sensations library is absolutely stunning!!!
    Compared different sounds that I have on my Emu devices 😉
    Great job!

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