Welcome to GPR music project

My name is Antonio Antetomaso. I’m an Italian musician who plays keyboards since 15 years old. I love electronic music and synthesizers but also Jazz and all of its contaminations so….I’am always searchin’  for the right mix between them.

This website is a window on what I typically do with my music and my equipment in the time I am (let) able to sit in my studio and give myself to my music.

This is a picture of my personal studio, where I develop my ideas. Take a look here to see how’s composed my equipment.

Under the section Music you can find a set of songs composed, arranged and mixed by me, in some of which there are “special guests”.

Under theVideos section you can find the the links to some videos I realized. They span from videoclips to video tutorials about using musical equipment and you can watch them via Youtube. Feel free to take a look at my Youtube channel.

The “Tutorials” section offers guides and tutorials for musicians.

Soundsets shopis a section offering collections of sounds, programmed by me, for some famous synthesizers (some of them are actually parts of my setup). Listen at the demos and if you like them you can decide to buy them.

Under the “Downloads” section you can find goodies to download for your live creations. If you have questions, please feel free to write down few lines using the Contact me” section. I will answer for sure.

Video tour (in Italian language)

Enjoy and have fun with your music!