Roland JX-10/MKS-70 Control Surface

A control surface for the Roland JX-10 (Super JX) and its rack version, the MKS-70. It was made using Liine Lemur, for iPad. In order to fully use it you need the Fred Vecoven’s ROM Upgrade for the JX-10/MKS-70. Check here for further details.


2015-10-19 22.22.51 Step sequencer


To install it, open the file using the Lemur Editor, connect the iPad and start Lemur, then click on the “Play” icon on the toop left corner of the editor to link the iPad and transfer the surface to it. Check the Lemur user guide for further details.



Release History

v 1.0 – First release

v 2.0 – Added the capability to control the aftertouch slider using an Expression Pedal connected to C1 or C2.


V-Prodigy for N.I. Reaktor




Customization of the Moog Prodigy 1.0 by Frank Feldt.

– Graphic improved (custom knob)
– Secondary controls organized (hum/hiss) inside panel B
– Fixed the values for the controls of the two envelopes
– Fixed the values for the glide

No snapshots for now, only an INIT sound….as the original machine that hasn’t presets 😉


— V 1.3 —

– Fixed LFO
– Minor fixes on the graphic panel
– 15 snapshots added
– Some minor fixes

Blue Odissey for N.I. Reaktor




This is a porting of the legendary synthesizer “Arp Odyssey”. Any comments are appreciated. Feel free to make your improvements or to create your own sound set.
For this first version I created only an INIT sound.
The biphonic mode can be switched off.

— V. 1.1 —
Some minor graphic fixes

— V.1.3 —
ADSR/AR connected to the Noise
Graphics improvement
Other minor bugs fixed

— V 1.4 —
Changed the modeling of S&H Mix sliders
Other minor bugs fixed